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Why Manadoob?

Ways to Donate

Benefits of Sponsorship

Thank You

  Why Manadoob?

Whether it's through monetary gifts, in-kind donations or volunteering - corporate sponsors, foundations and private donations have been a vital part of helping us deliver the Manadoob Program for Self-Esteem to children.

We continue to extend our outreach into Boys and Girls Clubs, domestic violence shelters, public schools and many populations where the Manadoob Program for Self-Esteem has been requested to benefit and improve the lives of children.

See how the Manadoob Program for Self-Esteem has been bettering the lives of children

Many of our Manadoob Educators find sponsor dollars for Manadoob Programs so every child they teach in low income or at-risk environments can have their own program to use and keep. We have seen how the keepsakes, memories and hands-on tools provided in The Manadoob Program benefits children for years to come. These Manadoob Educators then volunteer their time to facilitate The Manadoob Program in a variety of community outreach settings for children.

Ways to Donate

We tailor our partnerships to meet the goals of each corporate, foundation or private donor while also meeting the needs of the children who receive the Manadoob Program. Our Partners can create in-kind donation programs or coordinated product give-aways that can benefit their marketing goals and community outreach needs. Our management team is always happy to work with sponsors to ensure the partnership delivers the best results.

  Direct Donations
  Brand Recognition Opportunities

Whether you are able to provide one Manadoob Program to one child or 100,000 Manadoob Programs to 100,000 children, we want to talk to you!
Please click here to talk with us about sponsorship, partnership and donor opportunities.

We currently have the demand for 250,000 Manadoob Programs for Boys and Girl Clubs, public schools and other non-profit outreach organizations.

Benefits of Sponsorship

When you better the lives of children you will have a positive influence on your customers and employees. According to leading research:

  92 percent of Americans have a more positive image of companies that support a cause. 1
  87 percent of Americans are likely to switch brands (when price and quality are equal) to support a cause. 2
  88 percent of workers whose companies have a cause-related program feel proud of their companies' values. 2
  93 percent of Americans say it is important for their companies to provide them with opportunities to become involved in social issues. 3
  81 percent of Americans consider a company's social commitment when deciding where to work. 2

1. Cone/Cause Evolution & Environmental Study (2007)
2. Cone/Corporate Evolution & Environmental Study (2007)
3. Cone Corporate Citizenship Study (2004)

Thank You

We would like to thank the following companies, foundations, and grants who made it possible for children to participate in the Manadoob Program for Self-Esteem. We also thank all of the other organizations and individuals who anonymously donated resources.

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation is a family foundation established in 1944 by the man who started Hilton Hotels. We provide funds to nonprofit organizations working to improve the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people throughout the world.

The Saban Family Foundation was created to support the healthy development of children and families in the United States and to identify and address unmet societal needs in Israel.

Strengthening Lives for Purpose, Service, and Leadership.

Capstone provides university students with both a critical learning experience and an opportunity to perform public service.

The EXCEL Classroom Grant for the 2009- 2010 school year

Eco Hero Kids Foundation "To empower, encourage and educate kids and their families worldwide, through music and theater, to become actively involved in protecting our global environment." 

QURE is a perfect combination of pristine clean purified drinking water infused with a proprietary blend of ionic alkaline minerals bearing a powerful alkaline pH of 9.5. This superior alkaline cellular hydration power aids your body to naturally detoxify, replenish and reduce acidic waste.

Lynyar Movement, Institute of Movement & Design - offering extensive physical training designed for injury prevention and teaching methodology specialized for children including children with special needs